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  • Team Card

    About our team this is tree cards in a row preview About our team this is two cards in a row preview

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  • YouTube Lazy Load After Click

    Center Max Width 400px Wide Max Width 800px Full Max Width 100% YouTube Image Sizes Note: YouTube is serving thumbnails from 2 servers: // // Examples are with // server just because it’s shorter, no other particular reason. You can use both. Player Background Thumbnail (480×360): Video frames thumbnails (120×90) Lowest quality thumbnail (120×90) Medium quality thumbnail (320×180) […]

  • Fancy Divider

    Align none Align Wide Full Width Align Left Align center Align Right

  • Card Flip

    Ratio 1/2Vertical FlipAlign Bottom Ratio 1/2 Horizontal FlipAlign Center Ratio 1/1 Vertical FlipAlign Center Ratio 16/9 Vertical FlipAlign Center

  • Getting Started

    This entire project is done with two of our premium plugins. Naming Convention Create and assign name to your Gutenberg block Create code block for theme (scripts and styles). And name it as “Element Theme – Block name” Create ACF group and name it as “Gutenberg Element – Block name” Download Files If you want […]

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  • Card Tilt

  • Animated Accordion

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    How it works